xsusansamuraix (xsusansamuraix) wrote in fatgirlcrew,

so i got called fat again.

they arent black listed....my "team" just wont be asking them to play shows anymore....for more than one reason....one of those reasons being they called me fat on this same message board...
anyway. check out the thread.

this band in question is called off the chain. i wouldnt be surprised if one of the guys in the band posted this message just to bring the situation up...

"Alright, so someone from off the chain called susan smith fat, and now they're blacklisted from playing shows?
What the fuck?
They are a good band. I mean you guys have a bunch of like 14 and 15 year olds who can't even really play instruments playing a show every other week.
At least let a band with talent and promise play a fucking show."

i just dont know why my weight matters so much.

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